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Evansville, Indiana

Marina Pointe Nightclub

August 12th, 2022

DJ Lew Comes to College Night!
Evansville, Indiana!
Don't Miss The Wildest Party in Indiana!

DJ Lew Friday 1080x1080.png
Evansville, Indiana

Marina Pointe Nightclub

August 13th, 2022

Evansville Indiana! You got me for one more day!
I decided to bring my brother AND It's His Birthday!
Saturday August 13th at Marina Pointe and Nightclub
It's a Birthday Bash Dual DJ Set w/ DJ Lew & Brian Dawe
DJ Lew Comes out of Panama City Beach, & South Alabama as a Top Spring Break DJ who has toured to numerous cities & opened for tons of major artists!
Brian Dawe has toured the world, been on VH1's Master of the Mix, just got off his road tour and tour with Jake Owen & so much more!
Don't Miss This! With these two together, you never know what will happen!

Lew Dawe Indiana 1080x1080.png
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